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    Ageless X3 Anti Ageing Supplement with Acai Resveratrol Maqui


    Enjoy energy vitality & great health with Ageless X3

    Nature’s strongest antioxidants, Resveratrol, Acai & Maqui X 60 Capsules 

    Ageless X3 has the answer to ongoing good health.  Formulated by a team of fully qualified Doctors and manufactured the highest standards of prodcution with the finest natural ingredients.

    Ageless X3 will renew your energy levels, slow both the outward and inward consequences of becoming older while enabling you to continue in the pursuits you enjoy.

    Ageless X3 is the all natural nutritional supplement effective at slowing the ageing process, increasing energy levels helping you to feel younger with more vitality.

    • Slow down the ageing process with Ageless X3
    • Contains very high levels of antioxidants
    • Key ingredients: Resveratrol, Maqui, Acai Berry – Nature’s highest scoring ORAC Values
    • Enjoy increased energy levels, feel invigorated
    • Rejuvenating, making you more athletic and agile

    Ageless X3 is designed to slow down the ageing process, with just 2 capsules a day. It will give you more energy, and you will feel like you’re 18 again, with the most powerful antioxidants around: Acai berry, Maqui berry and Trans-Resveratrol. These ingredients are key in making you look and feel more youthful.Â

    Give yourself a new lease of life and try Ageless X3 now.Â



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    CandiPro with Calcium Caprylate


    CandiPro – Effective Herbal Remedy for Yeast Overgrowth

    60 Capsules

    âThe Devastating Effects of Candida And the Symptoms That Often Mislead its Sufferers Away From the Real Problem”

    Help your body maintain healthy candida levels.

    You can address this imbalance naturally!

    CandiPro™ gives you:

    • A blend of the purest herbs guaranteed to promote normal, healthy yeast balance in your body.
    • Perfectly blended immune boosting ingredients, with no negative side effects.
    • Improved natural revitalisation and energy levels.
    • Total assistance for Healthy Yeast Balance.
    • Natural ability to maintain balance of systemic yeast levels.
    • The ability to keep conditions stable
    • Improved cellular comunication.

    Set yourself free now!

    Buy 2 bottles of CandiPro and receive 1 bottle free or Buy 3 bottles of CandiPro and receive 2 bottles free

    CandiPro™ does not treat the symptoms it treats the cause and beats Candida overgrowth


    CandiPro has literally changed my life!Â

    I began a six month course of CandiPro having already decided it wasn’t going to work. I’d tried too many natural supplements over the years and I was beginning to lose hope.

    I’m delighted to say though that within just a couple of weeks I noticed a dramatic improvement in my energy levels, and was able to function normally during the day for the first time in a long time. Since then the improvement in my condition has been steady and consistent. I am coming to the end of the six months now but can say CandiPro has literally changed my life. If you a truly determined to rid yourself of Candida Overgrowth, this is the product for you.

    Frankly been revolutionary
    Debbie Rutter

    Often you see warnings about buying products over the internet, they don’t work or they are expensive etc.

    I cannot imagine life before Candipro now. It’s as if I’ve got my body back and no longer think about it whereas before it was all I could think of. My parents and husband are all happily taking it daily and it has frankly been revolutionary. Thank you!

    Tremendous improvement!Â
    Joseph Kannan

    I started taken the candipro and its been almost three weeks now and i have seen a tremendous improvement in my yeast infection and i will highly reccomend it.

    What is Candida? What Causes It? And What Can You Do About It?

    Read on to discover the facts you need to know.

    Your intestines are home to good bacteria that kill off harmful toxins. Without enough of these good bacteria, Candida (also known as yeast) can take over and chew away at your intestines.

    This leaves the intestinal walls porous; swiss-cheese-like… allowing toxins to leech into your bloodstream. Once they invade your blood, toxins are carried and deposited throughout the body, where they can wreck havoc andbreak down your immune system.

    An infestation of Candida can result in numerous symptoms and leave few (if any) clues as to what’s causing them.

    Are You Experiencing Any of These
    Candida-Related Symptoms?…

    • Chronic Fatigue / Lack of energy
    • Arthritis / Joint pain or stiffness
    • Skin complications: rashes, eczema, psoriasis, acne
    • Anxiety / Depression
    • Digestive problems, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Spastic Colon)
    • Hormonal Complications (affecting both males and females)
    • Recurring Vaginal Yeast Infections
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Alergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems
    • Unusual/excessive food cravings
    • Lack of concentration or poor memory
    • Athletes’ Foot

    If so, you could be a victim of a Candida overgrowth.

    Candida can also affect children, in cases such as:

    • Autism
    • ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)/ ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
    • Difficulties with learning or concentration

    Warning: If you or your child(ren) are infected with Candida and it is either left untreated (or you only mask the problem by treating the symptoms and not the cause), the effects on your health can be devastating.

    Fortunately, there is a solution. Introducing CandiPro™…

    The Only Safe, 100% Natural Formula that Attacks Candida While it Strengthens Your Immune System

    Safe, natural and effective, CandiPro™ has been professionally formulated to regulate your body’s yeast levels, freeing you from torturous infections and the hidden side effects often missed or ignored by the medical profession.

    CandiPro™ is for you if:

    • You believe you are suffering from an internal candida overload.
    • You want to restore your body’s natural balance and increase your immune system potential.
    • You are looking for an answer to annoying symptoms you previously thought were untreatable.
    • You are not getting the attention you deserve

    Finally, there is help.

    CandiPro™ is a 100% natural source of concentrated plant-based nutrients needed for optimum balance and function for your body.

    Imagine being free from the pain and embarrassment of the complex symptoms of candida. The most common form of out of control candida for women is a vaginal yeast infection. Painful, uncomfortable and embarrassing, yeast infections are common with 75% of women experiencing at least one in their lifetime and most women experiencing more.

    However, Candida Overgrowth affects Men as well!

    Yeast infections are caused by Candida Albicans, a common bacteria. Candida naturally exists in the human body, but can cause severe problems if allowed to multiply to abnormal levels.

    Also, Men as much as Women are susceptible to Candidiasis. It’s a fiction to suggest that only females struggle with this debilitating issue.

    Candida, if anything, is an opportunistic infection. To use a colloquialism, this means candida likes to kick you when you’re down, as they’re likely to strike in people with compromised immune systems or in moments of weakness.

    Because infections can frequently be unobtrusive in other parts of the body, it’s difficult to ascertain. This is why candida infections often go undiagnosed by medical professionals.

    Are You Succeptible to Candida?

    There are certain factors that make all of us more suscpetible to Candida Overgrowth. These include:

    • Antibiotic use – Although one of the marvels of modern medicine, Antibiotics kill off the “good” bacteria that would normally keep Candida levels in check.
    • Diet – A diet high in sugars and carbohydrates is Candida’s best friend. Soda, white flour, sweets all serve as an accelerator for Candida overgrowth.
    • Depressed Immune System – Whether through illness, trauma or stress, a reduced Immune System lowers dramatically the body’s own defence against Candida.
    • Oral Contraception – Has a similar effect on intestinal flora as Antibiotics.
    • Diabetes
    • Excessive Stress


    Why CandiPro™ works:

    CandiPro™ has been professionally formulated with more than ten, top-quality natural ingredients. It is guaranteed to effectively solve your candida problems by addressing the root cause of overgrowth.

    Other treatments use a ‘sticking plaster’ approach, but fail to remove the true cause of your candida problems. CandiPro™ begins at the root of the fungus, breaking candida down at its origin. It also contains special nutrients to strengthen your immune system and help your body replenish ‘good’ bacteria. A heightened immune system will protect the body from toxins generated by former Candida infections.

    In addition to the alleviation of symptoms, additional reported advantages of taking CandiPro™ most often include:

    • Renewed energy and a return to general health.
    • Mental alertness.
    • A return to your normal diet and favourite foods.
    • Good quality sleep and a feeling of genuine refreshment.

    CandiPro™ supports your body’s natural ability to balance the proper ratio of candida in your body!

    If conventional medicines have failed to tackle your recurring yeast infections, or your doctor has refused to take your problem seriously, you’re not alone.

    CandiPro&traDE; is designed specifically to help you help your body, naturally. CandiPro™ is affordable and risk-free, But don’t just take our word for it . . . find out for yourself like thousands of others have and take the CandiPro™ challenge for 30 days…we promise you’ll be glad you did!

    The active ingredients in CandiPro™ add a much-needed level of defense when it comes to yeast infections.

    Published clinical studies clearly demonstrate that the active ingredients in CandiPro™ serve a starring role in rebalancing your body’s candida.

    Isn’t it about time you returned to an earlier time, when you can enjoy life without the stress and worry associated with yeast infections?

    CandiPro™ adds that layer of much needed comfort when it comes to just plain living again! If you find you are forced to go out of your way to avoid embarassing moments, it’s time to tryCandiPro™.

    CandiPro™ works WITH your body’s natural processes, not against them.


    Our Proven Ingredients

    The real secret to CandiPro’s™ success and popularity lies in its unique formulation of high-grade natural ingredients, each one chosen by our experienced clinical team for specific properties guaranteed to combat the complex root causes of candida and its varied symptoms. No other remedy takes such a holistic and comprehensive approach – that’s why no other remedy offers CandiPro’s™ unique combination of effective, natural, risk-free treatment.

    Aloe Vera Something of a wonder substance, the health-enhancing qualities of aloe have been documented for many centuries, and yet this natural plant extract remains a key feature in even the most advanced medical treatments. A highly sophisticated ingredient, the secret to aloe’s enormous medicinal power lies in its makeup of eight different sugar types, most of which are lacking in our everyday diets. These naturally occurring sugar blends, known as glyconutrients, bring a host of benefits to those fortunate enough to take them, including guarding against infection, viruses and allergic reactions.

    Goji Berry Extract Packed with a wealth of health-promoting substances, this formidable antioxidant is a true superfood with a vital role in the fight against candida. A potent combination of 21 trace dietary minerals complements the goji berry’s multiple amino acids, vitamins, polysaccharides and carotenoids, enabling this single ingredient to play a vital role in a wealth of key bodily functions, from strengthening the immune system to enhancing the functionality of the thyroid gland.

    Grapefruit Seed Extract Experts liken grapefruit seed extract to a highly effective and natural broad-spectrum antibiotic, but one whose high performance doesn’t damage the colon’s vital ‘good’ bacteria in the same way that conventional treatments do. Offering the best of both worlds, grapefruit seed extract helps destroy energy-sapping Candida Albicans both quickly and effectively, especially since CandiPro™ uses special 4:1 strength extract with a higher concentration of the key active ingredient. Grapefruit seed’s ability to alkalise and oxygenate the blood is another important feature with benefits for candida sufferers, since disease-forming fungi and bacteria cannot survive in alkaline oxygenated surroundings.

    Horopito An excellent anti-fungal substance, horopito’s active ingredient has been scientifically proven to literally dismantle the outer wall of the candida cell membrane. As with the grapefruit seed extract, we’ve selected a highly concentrated form of this ingredient in order to improve and accelerate its performance.

    Calcium Caprylate Among the most effective anti-fungals available, calcium caprylate is a short-chain fatty acid that interrupts the growth of candida on a cellular level. Easily absorbed into the digestive system, this key substance tackles the very root cause of the candida overgrowth, performing its work quickly, effectively and naturally.

    Echinacea Purpuria A fantastic natural immune system booster, the health-promoting properties of Echinacea are well known and virtually unrivalled. This ingredient plays a special role in the formulation of candida treatments, since patients are highly likely to be suffering from a compromised immune system resulting from the infection itself. Echinacea strengthens the body’s own anti-viral defences and has also been shown to prevent the activation of new candida cells, making it a crucial weapon against a return of the illness and allowing the body vital time to recuperate.

    Oregano Better known as something we cook with, oregano demonstrates a huge range of health-promoting properties beneficial both to Candida sufferers and more generally. As well as helping gastrointestinal problems and treating parasitic worms, the herb is widely respected for its sedative, diuretic, antiseptic and antispasmodic qualities.

    Proprietary Blend Exclusive to the manufacturers of CandiPro™, this unique blend of natural ingredients delivers a range of benefits including improvements in the body’s absorption of nutrients, improved immunity to illness, a soothing of the digestive system and its processes and as a general tonic for all-round health and well-being. Individual ingredients within this 100% natural ‘miracle mix’ include glucosamine sulphate, guar gum, ghatti gum and tragacanth gum, each bringing specific benefits such as a healthy intestine or the destruction of parasitic worms.

    I think you’ll agree: CandiPro™ is packed with high quality, proven ingredientsknown to fight recurring yeast infections. You owe it to yourself to give  CandiPro™.

    We’ve done all the work…now it’s your turn to decide to change your life for the better. You have nothing to lose! Put yeast issues behind you today!

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    Contentsia Natural Anxiety Remedy with 5HTP


    Natural Remedies for Anxiety– Contentsia 60 Capsules

    With St John’s Wort and 5 HTP

    How would you like to finally escape the clutches of depression and anxiety? Imagine the freedom you’ll feel to finally look forward to a new day without the fear associated with the possible dangers of prescription drugs!

    New Contentsia™ finally turns the tables on depression and anxiety by giving you what
    you need:

    • Free Yourself from the Downward Spiral!
    • Eliminate the “Zombie” effect!
    • Absolutely Zero Side Effects!
    • All Natural, High Quality Ingredients!
    • Results are 100% Guaranteed!

    We guarantee Contentsia™ to be the safe product you’ve been looking for.

    You’re not alone; feelings of depression and anxiety are among the most common complaints heard by the average health care worker today. The problem becomes: how do you regain the happiness you once had without the side effects that come with most “mood disorder” medicines on the market?


    I’m sure you’ve heard the stories about side effects like decreased mental ability, drowsiness, and even thoughts of suicide some of those other products give you.

    Contentsia™ is a SCIENTIFICALLY APPROVED formula unconditionally guaranteed to relieve stress and improve your mood, naturally! Without undesirable side effects!

    Occasional mood swings and the “ups and downs” of family life are commonplace, and nothing to be concerned about. But when the occurrence becomes more frequent, it leads to worries and stress that can become a downward spiral that you can’t seem to reverse by yourself. You try forcing a smile and reading the latest “self-help” book, but eventually the feelings come back. Ignoring the problem only makes it worse!

    Why Contentsia™ works:

    Contentsia™ has been scientifically formulated for maximum results. Our researchers tested and retested different blends of the most effective ingredients to find the ultimate solution to ALL of the common symptoms of anxiety and depression.

    After the most effective molecular blend was identified and thoroughly tested, we scoured the world to find the highest quality ingredients available to formulate Contentsia™

    This precise testing and blending sequence forms a powerfully effective combination guaranteed to alleviate depression and lift your mood. Although the benefits of all of these ingredients have been known for centuries, it’s helpful to know exactly where these depressive feelings originate from. The chart below outlines many of the major causes of mood and anxiety disorders. Most of these conditions are not medical, but social situations, such as divorce and unemployment, which can lead to feelings of inferiority. Left unchecked, these seemingly harmless situations can lead to a feeling of inability to deal with life’s pressures, which can then lead to more serious depression and anxiety.

    The success of Contentsia™ is due to the underlying science and care we put behind the formula, and the use of cutting-edge technology used in the manufacturing process.

    On top of that, our research team engineered Contentsia™ to address the most important factors that contribute to depressive mood disorders.

    Contentsia™ supports receptors in the brain that lift your spirits naturally…with no undesirable side effects!

    The active ingredients in Contentsia™ add a much-needed level of defense when it comes to dealing with everyday pressures, without keeping you up at night, or making you sleepy during the day!

    Order today to:

    • Reduce debilitating stress from your everyday life.
    • Raise your tolerance levels with your children and spouse.
    • Reduce anxiety caused by the day to day stresses of life.
    • Eliminate the root cause of anxiety attacks.
    • Restore your ability to sleep peacefully.
    • Stop and reverse the downward spiral of depression.
    • Do all of this with no side effects, guaranteed.


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    DigestiPlex 100% Natural IBS Remedy


    DigestiPlex 60 Capsules

    Natural enzymes in capsule form to be taken as a daily supplement to help relieve and prevent IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms.


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    Glyco Excel Advanced Cell Communication


    Glyco Exel totally natural immune system and energy boost X 60 Caps

    Formulated for those with Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia Syndrome, and ideal for everyone

    If Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia Syndrome has stolen your quality of life, trust Glyco Excel to get it back.

    Between them, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Syndrome affect many millions of people throughout the western world, blighting their lives with debilitating symptoms ranging from persistent muscle pain and swelling right through to long-term tiredness, loss of energy and a variety of associated psychological problems. Conventional medicines do little to tackle the real origins of these two inter-related illnesses, often causing serious or unpleasant physical and psychological side effects in their attempt to merely cover up individual symptoms.  Glyco Excel is radically different.  Using a proven natural formula to attack the very causes of Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Syndrome, this risk-free treatment is dramatically improving the lives of sufferers, many of whom had all but given up in their search for a safe, effective and affordable treatment.

    Special Offer Buy two bottles of Glyco Excel and recieve a third free or Buy 3 and recieve 2 bottles free

    What are Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Syndrome, and what are their symptoms?

    These inter-related illnesses tend to overlap and present simultaneously within individual patients.  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome refers to a common condition which features extensive and prolonged symptoms characterised by a combination of some or all of the following:

    • severe tiredness and loss of energy
    • reduced mental clarity
    • muscle pains
    • poor sleep
    • digestive problems
    • headaches
    • tinnitus
    • depression
    • swollen glands
    • fever or chills

    Fybromyalgia Syndrome refers more specifically to constant debilitating muscle pain and shortened fibrous tissues caused by low cellular energy.  In actual fact, most people diagnosed with Fybromyalgia Syndrome are really suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, though they experience far more severe muscle pains alongside those other symptoms mentioned above.Â

    And the cause?

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and therefore also Fibromyalgia Syndrome, is caused by a deficiency in the body’s vital cell membrane glycoprotein activities, together with a reduced function of the so-called ‘natural killer’ cells.  Although these deficiencies cause serious and wide-ranging symptoms, Glyco Excel’s unique combination of all eight essential glyconutrients gives it the power to restore the body’s natural balance and simultaneously tackle the root causes of both Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

    Why choose Glyco Excel?

    It couldn’t be simpler – the benefits speak for themselves, as do the statistical results.  Glyco Excel takes a whole new approach to the treatment of these common but often poorly diagnosed illnesses, and it’s an approach whose remarkable success is reflected in the fact that 97% of users report positive results.  Indeed, a staggering 91% of past users reported that their symptoms were now under complete control – a superb track record for any treatment, and especially for a risk-free product whose ingredients are 100% natural and free from the debilitating side effects associated with conventional treatments.

    Glyco Excel achieves this phenomenal success rate through its unique combination of high-grade natural ingredients, ingredients that are combined in clinically proven proportions for maximum impact and a uniquely permanent effect.

    Rather than simply tackling symptoms, Glyco Excel’s special formulation gets to the root of the problem by working in harmony with your body to restore energy levels and facilitate the crucial lengthening of muscles that will ease pain and promote all-round physical and psychological well-being.  Almost like flicking a switch, our unique treatment helps repair mitochondria cells to allow for the simultaneous treatment of multiple health issues, resulting in wide-ranging benefits including:

    • Increased energy levels and all-round well-being
    • Improved overall systemic functioning and a healthy, strengthened immune system
    • Increased physical performance and endurance levels
    • Increased stamina, reduced fatigue and an end to lethargy associated with stress, depression, illness or an unhealthy lifestyle
    • Relief from painful joints, neck pain or backache in the lower back
    • Relief from pain caused by fibrosis, myalgia, rheumatism and all other degenerative musculoskeletal conditions


    And the ingredients themselves

    A quick look at Glyco Excel’s unique composition reveals an unbeatable blend of natural ingredients, each one chosen for its special contribution to a tried & tested formula whose superior performance is statistically proven.


    Aloe Vera (providing acetylated mannans)

    Something of a wonder substance, the health-enhancing qualities of aloe have been documented for many centuries, and yet this natural plant extract remains a key feature in even the most advanced medical treatments.  A highly sophisticated ingredient, the secret to aloe’s enormous medicinal power lies in its makeup of eight different sugar types, most of which are lacking in our everyday diets. These naturally occurring sugar blends, known as glyconutrients, bring a host of benefits to those fortunate enough to take them, including guarding against infection, viruses and allergic reactions right through to protection against fungal infections, mental deterioration and specific cancers.


    Goji Berry extract

    Packed with a wealth of health-promoting substances, this formidable antioxidant is a true superfood with a vital role in the fight against Fibromyalgia.  A potent combination of 21 trace dietary minerals complements the goji berry’s multiple amino acids, vitamins, polysaccharides and carotenoids, enabling this single ingredient to play a vital role in a wealth of key bodily functions, from strengthening the immune system to enhancing the functionality of the thyroid gland.Â


    Glucosamine sulphate

    Highly regarded for its health-promoting properties, glucosamine sulphate is a powerful natural ingredient with a superb ability to help repair damaged and worn cartilage when absorbed into the body.Â


    Ghatti Gum (Anogeissus Latifolis stem gum)

    Produced by the Anogeissus Latifolia tree native to India, gum ghatti is a complex polysaccaride occurring naturally as a rich source of calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium salt.Â

    Maitaki, Reishi and Shitaki Mushrooms (Beta Glucans)

    Like many of the natural ingredients we use in our formulations, the clinical benefits of medicinal mushrooms have been documented and proven over many thousands of years.  These mushroom varieties have long been used with huge success in Chinese remedies, mainly thanks to their high levels of preventative glyconutrients and their ability to help improve mood, memory and energy levels.


    Tragacanth Gum

    Tragacanth has long been used to successfully treat a range of illnesses and complaints, including digestive problems, coughing, stomach and intestinal ailments.  This substance plays a crucial role in our unique blend of ingredients, helping to trigger the intestinal muscle contractions that assist with the expulsion of intestinal contents.


    Echinacea Purpuria

    A long-standing favourite among natural remedies, Echinacea is a powerful and highly effective ingredient believed to stimulate the overall activity of those cells responsible for fighting a broad range of infections. Whereas antibiotics attack bacteria directly, Echinacea works more naturally by boosting our own immune cells and allowing them to fight bacteria, viruses and abnormal cells themselves.  Echinacea also helps boost the response of white blood cells, as well as copying the activities of interferon, our body’s main anti-viral defence.  Other benefits closely associated with the effects of Echinacea include defence against colds, flu, coughs, upper respiratory conditions, enlarged lymph glands, sore throats, urinary tract infections, candida, persistent infections and a wide range of skin conditions.Â

    What next?

    If your quality of life is blighted by Chronic Fatigue or Fybromyalgia Syndrome, or if conventional medicine is either misdiagnosing or failing to treat its symptoms, Glyco Excel could be the solution your body deserves. Natural, risk-free and with a success rate backed up by hard statistics, isn’t it time you regained control and enjoyed the life you want to live?


    What are Gylconutrients?

    Glyconutrients contain a blend of 8 naturally occurring sugars, specific carbohydrates called saccharides, and they are found in certain plants. Cells communicate with each other by way of these plant sugars called glycoproteins. Two of these sugars are glucose and galactose often found in foods we eat. However the other sugars Mannose, Fucose, Xylose, N-Acetylglucosamine, N-Acetylgalactosamine, and N-Acetylneuraminic acid are difficult to find in our daily diet. These saccharides offer ~

    * Prevents bacterial, viral, parasitic and fungal infections
    * Eases inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis
    * Lupus patients are deficient in this saccharide
    * Lowers blood sugar and triglyceride levels in diabetic patients

    * Enhances wound healing
    * Increases calcium absorption
    * Triggers long-term memory formation

    * Influences brain development
    * Improves brain’s ability to create long term memories
    * Inhibits tumor growth
    * Metabolism of this saccharide is abnormal in cystic fibrosis, diabetes, and    cancer and during episodes of shingles, which is caused by the herpes    virus
    * Active against other herpes viruses, including herpes I and    cytomegalovirus
    * Guards against respiratory infections
    * Inhibits allergic reactions

    * Potent fast-energy source
    * Enhances memory
    * Stimulates calcium absorption
    * Too much or too little can be problematic
    * Elderly Alzheimer’s patients register much lower levels of this saccharide    than those with organic brain disease from stroke or other vascular    diseases
    * Glucose metabolism disturbed in depression, manic-depression, anorexia    and bulimia

    * Antibacterial and antifungal
    * May help prevent cancer of the digestive tract

    * Heart disease patients have lower-than-normal levels of this saccharide
    * Inhibits spread of tumor XYLOSE
    * Antibacterial and antifungal
    * May help prevent cancer of the digestive tract

    * Immune modulator with antitumor properties and activity against HIV
    * Vital to learning
    * Glucosamine, a metabolic product of this saccharide
    * Helps repair cartilage
    * Decreases pain and inflammation
    * Increases range of motion
    * May also help repair mucosal-lining defensive barrier implicated in Crohn’s    disease, ulcerative colitis and interstitial cystitis

    * Important for brain development and learning
    * Abundant in breast milk
    * Repels bacteria, virus and other pathogens

  • colon.jpg

    Ozy Cleanse Natural Gentle Colon Detox



    Ozy cleanse™ X 90 Capsules

    Discover an amazing product that works! Oxy cleanse safely pulls off the compacted faecal matter in the large intestine, small intestine, and colon.. This enables you to soften and  safely flush out your body.

    Plus, it removes heavy metals, toxins and gunk from your arteries, veins, and capillaries.

    The result? A Squeaky clean  colon for optimum health  and blood flow throughout your entire body!

    Ozy cleanse™

    • Is a high quality oxygen derived colon cleanser
    • Is a natural means of getting rid of constipation
    • Aids in cleansing & oxygenating both small & large intestines
    • Assists in removing undesired waste matter & excess weight
    • Promotes optimal colon health
    • Is a perfect start to any recent diet plan
    • Helps promote friendly intestinal flora
    • Is extensively used throughout the world.
    • Has no side effects like laxatives
    • Comes in easy to take vegetarian capsules

    Are you suffering from constipation?

    The Benefits of Ozy cleanse™

    • Less occaisional constipation and diarrhea
    • Less embarrassing gas
    • More energy
    • Less bloating
    • Less straining
    • Less cramping
    • Less digestive stress
    • Less heartburnÂ




    Ozy cleanse’s impact on the body assists to loosen intestinal build up, which helps in the liberation of undesired waste materials and toxic substances that may exist. A build up of intestinal waste may cause an overgrowth of noxious bacteria and yeast, which flourish in a toxic environment.

    Ozy cleanse’s slow release of mono-atomic oxygen produces an unwelcoming environment for harmful bacteria and other toxic matter. Ozy cleanse™ does not affect the friendly microbes which are essential for appropriate digestive and intestinal health, however.

    Ozy cleanse is a unique colon cleansing and constipation treatment on its own.

    Caution: This product causes watery and gaseous stools, which could cause you to feel the urge to pass gas. If you are not able to control your bowels, please be careful when using this product. We recommend that during the 7-day cleanse you have close availability to a bathroom.

    The secret key to
    a healthy, functioning colon

    When your bowels are overloaded with fecal matter and mucus, not only are toxins leaking into your body, but your body can’t properly absorb precious nutrients from the foods you eat. That’s why it’s essential to keep your colon and digestive system moving.

    With a whistle-clean colon, you can enjoy clockwork bowel action. What does that mean exactly? Here are some facts about healthy vs. unhealthy bowel movements:

    A healthy bowel movement should take about two minutes and require no toilet paper. You should experience no pain or strain.

    A healthy bowel movement should have a transit time of 16-24 hours between eating and elimination.

    The average American has a transit time of 96 hours (or four days)—four times longer than it should be. That’s an unhealthy bowel movement!

    If your colon is not healthy, then neither is your body. Getting your colon back into top working order is #1 prioirty for optimum health.

    How can you unclog your colon to achieve optimum health? The answer is a powerful natural combination of natural ingredients—ingredients that are scientifically proven to promote digestive health, enhance colon function, help you experience “smooth move” bowels, and aid your body in removing the dangerous fecal debris that may be lining the walls of your colon. It’s called OZY CLEANSE™.


    How Ozy cleanse  Works

    Ozy cleanse works by instituting stabilized nascent oxygen into the bloodstream and intestinal tract. The release of this nascent oxygen is able to liquefy and pull off the compacted faecal matter in the large intestine, small intestine, and colon. Ozy cleanse’s slow release of mono-atomic oxygen produces an unwelcoming environment for anaerobic bacteria and other toxic matter. These ‘toxins’ are removed while caring for the friendly bacteria which are needed for proper digestive and intestinal health.

    By taking an oxygen based cleanser every other evening before bed (editorial note: personally prefer to take this product, colosan or homozon first thing in the morning) we will feed the friendly bacteria with the oxygen, they require to create a stable bowel environment. When taking an oxygen colon cleanser you raise the level of ORS (Oxygen Reactive Species), which causes a stimulation of lymphocytes to produce T-cells. This procedure results in a much stronger well maintained immune system.

    Ozy cleanse is a composite of magnesium oxide compounds, which have been ozonated and stabilized to release mono-atomic or nascent oxygen over 12 hours or more. The timed release ensures that Ozy cleanse will provide an adequate amount of oxygen, slowly, for better utilisation.

    Stabilized oxygen is a non-technical term referring to a compound containing oxygen atoms, which are stabilized with buffers so that the product can be bottled without the oxygen being released before it is needed. The result is a stable environment of oxygen which can be taken as a dietary supplement.

    Oxy-Powder, when in an acidic environment, commences to slowly release nascent or mono-atomic oxygen. The release of oxygen continues throughout the digestive system. The magnesium acts as a vehicle to transport the oxygen throughout the body.

    The by-products of Ozy cleanse are magnesium in an oxide form and nascent oxygen. In its oxide form, very little magnesium is assimilated by the body. It passes, through the intestinal tract, kidneys and bladder, helping to cleanse by delivering oxygen along the way. Therefore, it is the perfect vehicle for transporting oxygen.

  • reflux.jpg

    Refluxil Formerly RefluxaPlex


     New Refluxil™ 60 Capsules

    (formally known at RefluxaPlex) offers the same formula of natural ingredients to effectively address gastric acid complaints

    Stop painful Acid Reflux, Heartburn, Gerd and Indigestion fast with Refluxil™ 60 Capsules


    Refluxil™…is 100% natural and works with your body to support a miraculous natural healing process that repairs the damage caused by the acid that is slowly eroding the tissue lining your throat. Refluxil™ can stop the vicious cycle of taking Drugs, and help your body genuinely address the problem at the Source of the Cause.

    Antacids only mask the symptoms. Refluxil™ defeats your acid reflux once and for all. You can soothe the burning pain and discomfort for good.

    Refluxil™ actually does work. It’s blended at the molecular level to ensure the highest possible effectiveness of any nutraceutical, which ensures fast relief of Acid Reflux.

    ·                                 Imaginefeeling good about going to dinner and eating whatever you want

    ·                                 Imagineknowing that you are purifying your entire body every day.

    ·                                 Imaginefeeling unafraid to get involved again with anything you want to do.

    ·                                 Imaginenot looking or feeling swollen, moving around with renewed energy.

    ·                                 Imaginegetting a good nights sleep and feeling refreshed the next morning.

    ·                                 ImagineNo upset or sour stomach and feeling great.

    ·                                 ImagineNever choking on stomach acids again.

    Start enjoying freedom in your choice of food and from pain, order today Refluxil™


  • thx.jpg

    THK Hair Loss Remedy 60 Capsules


    THK Hair Loss Remedy 60 caps

    We believe that the problem of hair loss is one of the most distressing self esteme related experiences many people face.  Whether male or female, your hair is one of the defining first impressions you’ll make. That is why our team of PhDs and chemists have developed  THK Hair Loss Remedy

     It is our intention that you keep what hair you have.  Plus, additionally restore some of the hair you have lost

    Reported recently in the Telegraph….

    Balding men offered hope of waking their ‘sleeping’ hair

    “Have discovered that hair follicles in people who are balding are trapped in a “sleeping” state and are now developing a new treatment to combat baldness.”

    He said: “Hair follicles exist in two stable states – either an active state or a dormant state. From time to time, they will jump from one state to another.

    “Some of the follicles are just resting in the dormant state and are waiting for the right signal to make new hair. They are in a latency period. If you can reduce this latency period, you will have more hair.

    We have been saying this for years; in fact we developed THK Hair Loss Remedy because we knew this to be true.

    Dermatologist used to inform us that products don’t work and that nothing can be done to stop or even slow down hair loss.

    We disagree.

    We have formulated a product that stops the hairline receding plus after a few months THK Hair Loss Remedy will induce new hair growth.

    THK Hair Loss Remedy is a hair growth product based entirely on the reactivation of hair cells just below the scalp a process that restores hair naturally.

    You can lose hair for a variety of reasons

    Low blood flow to the scalp

    Lack of nutrients in the body

    Hormone imbalance

    Prescription medication

    Build up of dht in your scalp

    These are five common reasons why the majority of people lose hair unless you address these causes you are pretty much going to continue to lose your hair  THK Hair Loss  Remedy was formulated specifically with this in mind


    Tren Extra 60 Caps



  • Uric acid control



    Natural Uric Acid Support  60 Capsules

    Are you one of the 1:40 in the UK who suffer from the crippling effects of Gout , excess Uric Acid and related joint pain?

     New improved UriciPlex is formulated from totally natural ingredients to give effective support for healthy uric acid balance and relief from pain.
    • Relief from episodic discomfort
    • Assistance for healthy joint, kidney, and liver function
    • Enhanced understanding of well-being
    • Improved overall health.

    How do you recognise gout?

    • Shiny, reddish skin and over the affected joint
    • Itching and flaky skin that peels from the joint area
    • Inflamation
    • Swelling
    • Whitish lumps beneath the skin, often called tophi

    Gout or the build up of excessive Uric Acid is brought about by a number of factors, there may be a hereditory factor, lifestyle or the body is not dealing with the quantity of Urate generated. Episodic gouty pain happens when the level are too high either because too much is being generated or it is not being expelled from the body as efficiently.  When there is excessive Uric Acid it tends to collect in the joints where it crystalises resulting in disabling pain.

    UriciPlex All Natural Ingredients and how they work:

    Mojave Yucca Leaf 4:1 Extract
    This incredible plant, native to North America, has been used as an anti-inflammatory for hundreds of years.
    Studies show that Yucca also inhibits the absorption of toxins by the body, meaning the body’s organs are less taxed and able to expel Uric Acid easier, decreasing the chances of Gout.

    Artichoke Leaf
    The active ingredient in Artichoke, called cynarin, helps flush Uric Acid from the body, and has formed a staple part of natural arthritis treatments for a number of years.
    Furthermore, researchers at the University of Reading in the UK have reported that Artichoke leaf can reduce Cholesterol levels!

    Milk Thistle Extract
    MTE helps your Liver function well, enabling it to cope better with shuttling excess Urate out of the body. Remember your Gout is caused by excess levels of Urate? MTE works by helping your organs show Uric Acid the exit.

    Tumeric (Curcumin)
    Tumeric is a member of the same plant family as Ginger. This ingredient, as well as being an anti-inflammatory in its own right, can also inhibit some of the substances associated with pain, with one study suggesting it stimulates the body’s own production of cortisone – a primary reliever of inflammation.

    Does UriciPlex really work?  Please look at our testimonials and feedback to see how other’s have found UriciPlex an effective natural remedy for gout symptoms. Here are just a few comments…

    ‘Awesome product! Work really well thank you’ iccperth13

    ‘does as it says will use again’ mo4408

    ‘Happy days. Good product and good seller. Arrived quickly’ alfharland

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