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Natural Uric Acid Support  60 Capsules

Are you one of the 1:40 in the UK who suffer from the crippling effects of Gout , excess Uric Acid and related joint pain?

 New improved UriciPlex is formulated from totally natural ingredients to give effective support for healthy uric acid balance and relief from pain.
  • Relief from episodic discomfort
  • Assistance for healthy joint, kidney, and liver function
  • Enhanced understanding of well-being
  • Improved overall health.

How do you recognise gout?

  • Shiny, reddish skin and over the affected joint
  • Itching and flaky skin that peels from the joint area
  • Inflamation
  • Swelling
  • Whitish lumps beneath the skin, often called tophi

Gout or the build up of excessive Uric Acid is brought about by a number of factors, there may be a hereditory factor, lifestyle or the body is not dealing with the quantity of Urate generated. Episodic gouty pain happens when the level are too high either because too much is being generated or it is not being expelled from the body as efficiently.  When there is excessive Uric Acid it tends to collect in the joints where it crystalises resulting in disabling pain.

UriciPlex All Natural Ingredients and how they work:

Mojave Yucca Leaf 4:1 Extract
This incredible plant, native to North America, has been used as an anti-inflammatory for hundreds of years.
Studies show that Yucca also inhibits the absorption of toxins by the body, meaning the body’s organs are less taxed and able to expel Uric Acid easier, decreasing the chances of Gout.

Artichoke Leaf
The active ingredient in Artichoke, called cynarin, helps flush Uric Acid from the body, and has formed a staple part of natural arthritis treatments for a number of years.
Furthermore, researchers at the University of Reading in the UK have reported that Artichoke leaf can reduce Cholesterol levels!

Milk Thistle Extract
MTE helps your Liver function well, enabling it to cope better with shuttling excess Urate out of the body. Remember your Gout is caused by excess levels of Urate? MTE works by helping your organs show Uric Acid the exit.

Tumeric (Curcumin)
Tumeric is a member of the same plant family as Ginger. This ingredient, as well as being an anti-inflammatory in its own right, can also inhibit some of the substances associated with pain, with one study suggesting it stimulates the body’s own production of cortisone – a primary reliever of inflammation.

Does UriciPlex really work?  Please look at our testimonials and feedback to see how other’s have found UriciPlex an effective natural remedy for gout symptoms. Here are just a few comments…

‘Awesome product! Work really well thank you’ iccperth13

‘does as it says will use again’ mo4408

‘Happy days. Good product and good seller. Arrived quickly’ alfharland

‘This product works-Quick delivery,this is important when you have a gout attack’ whitehavenrl

‘Great Product. Top Seller. Thank You A+++’ vtplasticsolutions2010

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